“The young should be approached purposefully, creatively, without template and with pedagogical mastery. They are the ones, who will shape tomorrow society of Bulgaria and of the united Europe.As early they are involved in debates and forums about their future,so they better will deal with the challenges ahead.”

Dr. Krassimira Vassileva
President of NABEC

NABEC is a national network of the European clubs in Bulgaria with a main mission of implementation of the European dimension of education in Bulgarian schools and of upbringing in European values.

As a voluntary association of over 1500 students and teachers from more than 80 European clubs of schools and kindergarten from more than 20 cities around the country, NABEC realizes a comprehensive, organized and targeted educational and training process to build positive personal change in new generation and formation a regarding to the events in our society.

With the activities of the network of the European clubs, NABEC helps to acquire the knowledge, skills and qualities, leading to improvement young people and teachers, to understand the rights and opportunities in the European open society, and to adapt the appropriate responsibilities, so to form individuals with active citizenship.

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